Infographic: Driving Toward Danager

Facts and figures that shine a light on car accidents in the US.

Dangerous Driving Infographic

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities one can partake in. Luckily, there are many ways to make yourself a safer driver, not only for you, but for the many drivers, passengers, and pedestrians around you.

In 2015, over 35,000 people were killed on United States roadways, representing an increase of 7.2% over 2014 statistics. Injuries requiring medical treatment were suffered by 4.4 million people. Fatal accidents in California jumped 20% during the first half of 2015, resulting in 1,566 deaths. No one can deny that driving is serious business requiring your full attention.

Did you know that during an investigation done in 2015, it was found that the most common cause of fatal accidents between the years of 2009 and 2013 were improperly performed turns? What’s the proper way to perform a turn? Stop, look both ways, and then creep out into the intersection, keeping an eye on all traffic. Obey all right-of-way rules, adhere to directions given by traffic signals, and look to traffic signs for instructions. If a traffic light is out, proceed as if there were a four way stop at the intersection and follow the right-of-way rules.

Are women or men the worst drivers? Well, according to one study by the University of Michigan, women were responsible for 68.1% of accidents occurring between the years 1998 and 2007. This, even though they only drove 40% of the time, compared to 60% of the time for males.

Man or woman, and no matter what type of car or truck you’re driving, being safe behind the wheel is just that important. Following are five tips to help you stay safe, be a better driver, and get to your destination in one piece:

Obey all speed limits and signs. Be extra vigilant about signs while driving through areas of road construction, where there may be lane closures, traffic detours, and workers present on the roadway.

Be attentive and drive responsibly. Eliminate as many distractions as you can. This means no phone usage, no texting, everyone wearing their seatbelt, and no screaming kids.

Never, ever get in the car and drive if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You risk not only your own life, but that of any innocent driver, passenger, or pedestrian in your path.

Always wear your seat belt properly, in the manner they were intended to be used. Make sure kids are buckled into a car seat or booster that is appropriate for their age, height, and weight.

Before driving a car, do a simple safety check. Adjust your mirrors and seat, radio, heat or air conditioning controls, etc. so that when start up your car and begin driving, you can pay the most attention to the road. Also, before you get in your car - do a quick outside check. Are your tires aired up? Do the windows need to have snow, ice, or frost scraped? Pay attention to these things before you actually get moving.

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